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Radvertising pt. 2

Reselling Darwin for the indeee kids.



Nah dog, this aint just gas man, its:



When I was young they told me
sky color comes from mirroring the ocean
or some other science I can look up myself
but I know it’s blue from seeing the flowers die
every autumn:
wild Lupine, Knotweed, black eyed Susan…
Cynthia and Daisy nursing Saint John’s wort,
Moon trails streak overhead each night,
The face bats not a lash at the wilting,
no matter how thirsty or handsome the bloom.

I understand why it cries in august
then covers the gravefield with white
sheets in the cold.
Maybe the april tears are from joy…
or maybe its just weeping for newborns
remembering old faces, gone in time worth a farthing.
We have sixty years left before the sky cries for us,
all I want is to be in Love.


Rock n’ Roll. A lot of people say that it’s dead, maybe due to the number of true talented artists in the genre being so few and far between. But it’s hard to call a phenomenon dead, even if the representatives of it’s department are so low in number, when all of them are so incredibly talented. There are a few still functioning bands that often fall into the category, like the Rolling Stones, White Stripes, or The Black Keys, but it’s definitely dwindling.

Carney recently crept onto my radar, and hopefully will soon reach a much larger audience, because not only is their music genuine, raw, and brimming with fresh talent, but their lyrics and heart behind making their songs are bravely spiritual and honest without sacrificing quality. For the moment they only boast a small yet fiercely devoted fan base.

(I took this photo November 2009 at the El Rey in L.A. for their “Farewell Show.” It worked out that they didn’t end up leaving until this month.)

Recently my roommate Josh went to see the band play their farewell show (they are leaving Los Angeles to move to New York. Basically because Reeve Carney their vocalist got the part of Spiderman in Julie Taymor’s new Spiderman Broadway musical. The rest of the band all auditioned for the pit orchestra and each got in.) I wasn’t able to attend, but I sent my camera with him and he took this razor sharp footage of their stunning cover performance of The Beatles’ I Want You. Their debut album Mr. Green Vol. 1 is out now.


Blogs traditionally are supposed to post the coolest most genius things their authors have ever seen. I decided to play the game for a day…


Chris: You know what I’m excited for?

Me: What?

Chris: Being on a man schedule.

Me: What do you mean.

Chris: I mean like going to bed before 4 A.M. and getting up for breakfast.





Manhood. Still B.A. just not the B.A. your pop culture told you about.

Elitist Files Volume 1.

The title is to name a series of music themed posts which will probably seem snobbish in nature. I have no intention of coming across that way although I inevitably will, (but self-awareness makes the self-aware crime less egregious automatically right?!) Tongue is reporting back from cheek. Please know that I respect the diversity nature of opinions and that nobody can be proved right, except if you think Ke$ha should not have a career. That is absolute. I am only writing this to inform and suggest.

Now then, presenting:

10 Post-Rock Bands who are better than Explosions In The Sky.

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