bad request

Are you a performer
sedentary soldier
passing laws so quickly
that they blur and you cannot read a word.
new age chrysalis
twist that tie around
your scoop of butter pistachio crème
melting like the world under you
if the world had it’s way
it would become only water again
or something close.
Keep watching the feed, see, Hell is hip once more.
Is this a kind of bird
no one has ever discovered before
and will any one care to notice?
It looks just like a bluebird, except
much darker, like the moment before it is truly night.
Should any one really bother?
Where did all the askers go?
They’re each called names that
are old sounding.
Where is Perseus when you are in Chicago
and you’ve forgotten your manners.
Who put this head in my hands.
not everything fallen resists
like angels do.
Leaves, for example.







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