Monthly Archives: August 2011

processes/ process sees.

Glad to report that I can no longer say I’ve taken any official poetry classes. We learned about haiku today, which for some reason was a surprise to me. In ancient neophyte tradition, I nearly laughed at the first example, but the professor proceeded to articulate, in a captivating ramblespill of insight, why this three line image construction was miraculous. I was humbled, rather beyond recognition. Suddenly most of my older work seems puerile and contrived. So many paradigms have been shattered in just three hours, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Interestingly enough, today was also the day that someone who I don’t personally know has published my work anywhere. I can nosay that an old thing I wrote is officially up hereCome next week though, I’ll probably hate it. Carpe Diem, I guess.


Buying stuff for yourself

is (mostly) stupid, right? Most stuff that is.

Given the facts of the world and morality and all things considered, are there any really justifiable reasons for buying cool things? Is Uncrate some kind of universe soul trap? I’m pretty bad at identifying and resisting unnecessaries, but I think this year I might only see movies at the dollar theatre and not buy any dessert. But then there is the dilemma of supporting the filmmakers… I’ll buy the DVD locally. With some of the saved dessert money.