What New Devilry Is This?

Blogs have never appealed to me, kind of in the way that appearing on reality television shows has never appealed to me. Everything seems so plastic, fabricated, all authenticity edited away, the humanity, the long breaths between a hesitant response, the ghost sounds of someone blinking.

For the longest time, I hated writing about myself. Anything: College applications, job interviews- Why are you awesome? Tell us! Tell us! Blogs to me were kind of an extension of this manufactured narcissism, except that nobody would read it. The great lives live them and the mediocre lives write about them, I said. Then I started writing poetry.

Which is, I record thoughts, or sights, based on experiences, filtered through the lens of the poetic. Something I considered important, worthwhile, even though I had no idea what I was doing. Recently I realized that my life, all lives, are stories too, and that, filtered through the lens of, say, prose, it’s kind of like translating poems by God, or Fate or Joe Pesci or whatever you believe in. I thought, if you don’t think your life is worth something, worth telling people about, worth reading, then what are you doing? Do I think it’s being written so poorly that none of it can be chronicled and shown to anyone? No. God’s typing up my life brilliantly. Lives are the stories and songs of the bigger hands, and writing them down, recounting these experiences, these thoughts, things that you know but do not really even belong to you, sharing them with anyone who will listen, it’s a kind of spreading of the goods. Filesharing of the mystical.

So here they are. Pieces from this work of art, so that yours may be a little different for the better. I don’t know though, I still suspect that people who write and write about themselves are just freaks who need a good slapping. If this blog begins to only engender results detriment to the lives and psyche of it’s readers, if at all, please report this to me and I will delete this immediately, as it’s intent is almost entirely for the benefit of the other rather than the author himself, and I will shake my finger in the air like old men in medieval knight films- I knew it! I knew it all along! and probably kick a wall or something before slumping into a chair, listening to loud music with tons of profanity. Let me know, and thanks for visiting.

– Jordan Kapono Nakamura


6 responses to “What New Devilry Is This?

  1. When I read you writings, those fleeting thoughts that far too often are lost in the moment, I feel like i’m reading some anecdotes written by Benjamin Franklin. You writing style isn’t what reminds me of Ben but perhaps your ability to create a character of even yourself. The brilliance I see in you isn’t solely in your mastery of the English language, but in finding significance in even the smallest mundane moments which slip through our fingers. Those captured moments placed in prose don’t simply captivate my imagination, but reminds me of the beauty of this world which too often lost in the normality of routine. After reading your “Recent Posts” it brought me out of that cycle and into a moment of contemplation and rest.
    So keep on writing down those profound thoughts that so naturally fall into poetry. Thanks for bringing a bit more appreciation of God’s creation of imagination, life, and those small fleeting moments that are rarely captured.

  2. May i ask what makes a life worth something? worth telling of or reading about?
    and if your life is ‘worth something’ why therefore should you tell people about it? I mean, you ask what people are doing if they aren’t sharing their ‘worthwhile’ lives… perhaps some people just don’t feel the need to let other people know how worthwhile they are…
    I just don’t understand how you can justify writing about yourself simply because you think you’re worth reading about…

    i hope i haven’t misunderstood you, if i have i apologise.

    • No, I’m not saying that at all. That was simply my argument against my thought that writing about one’s self is narcissistic. Instead, it could just be that people see life as worthy of being read as a story. Which I think is true. All life has value.

      I am by no means trying to elevate my own experience over other’s. Thanks for asking!

      • I am glad i was wrong, i see what you meant now. that means i can relate to everything you say.
        you have an interesting blog, i also like your poetry very much.

      • Thanks so much! I saw you write poems as well… I haven’t had time to see your blog yet, but I’ll be sure to do so soon.

  3. Wowww…I think this is the best blog description I have ever read. Seriously. It’s brilliant, well-worded, and thought-provoking. Everything good writing should be…and that’s just in your “about” section. Thanks for writing.

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