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Justin Bieber on backup illustrations

The need for Immigration reform is for most informed citizens at this point, a no-brainer. To prove this, Rep. Luis Gutierrez presented a poster of pop sensations and sorta-power couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and asked the House to identify who the immigrant is. The answer, Gutierrez explained, is the Canadian-born Bieber, rather than Gomez who had lived in America all her life, yet of the two of them, she would be the only one subject to inspection under current Arizona laws.

Gutierrez  also made some other celebrity pairings from other realms of the media such as the NBA’s Jeremy Lin and Tony Parker (“Clearly Lin sounds kind of foreign, while Tony Parker sounds American to me. But I’m not an Arizona police officer who would know that Jeremy Lin was born in Los Angeles and Tony Parker, oops, you’re up. Belgium.”)

So there you have it: A congressman, Selieber, Jermey Lin, and CSPAN working together in harmony to make excellent points.