Sadventures in missing the point

There is a very popular belief going around that humanity is basically good, the nature of people is on the whole very positive, and that the real capacity for evil is reserved for very rare occasions of bad nurture. A recent bloggingheads vlog went as far as to explain a few “reasons” why Charles Darwin completely solved the “problem of evil” and why some people don’t even possess the capacity for extreme wrongdoing.

The symptoms reflected in Art throughout the ages have shown evidence that often depict a different story. Countless artists have directly responded to their experience of the world and humanity, weaving a rich history of outcries against a deep brokenness. A brokenness that fewer and fewer people seem to be willing to admit is there, while it’s symptoms are masked away.

Edward Keinholz. 5 Car Stud. (1969-72).

Beatdown captured on Youtube. (2012).

Most of my childhood I thought art was fascinating, but essentially recreational. There wasn’t much of an art scene in Hawaii, and no community I was a part of ever really acted like art could be a source of prophetic wisdom. Sadly I am starting to notice themes, as if they were new and shocking to this day, that have been recurring for ages. Art is a proven accurate means of reading the times. If it communicates that everything isn’t in fact fine, and people do indeed need revelation daily, it’s not something that we can simply stroke our chins at and then drive home to forget.


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